Vps Plans

The performance of VPS, the availability of the cloud Native high availability, NVMe drives and Windows option

VPS Cloud RAM 1: OpenStack KVM

From 10.70 € ex. VAT/mo Order

VPS Cloud RAM 2: OpenStack KVM

From 20.22 € ex. VAT/mo Order
dedicated hosting

Operating systems suited to the web

The OBCloud virtual private servers are available with operating systems and distributions that have largely been optimised by our teams for the web.
dedicated hosting

CMS and a ready-to-use e-commerce solution

The OBCloud VPS can also be delivered with pre-installed web applications, optimised in collaboration with SMILE..
dedicated hosting

Full development environments

You get root (administrator) access to your VPS, where you can host all kinds of applications (JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Python...)..

Unique service with a VPS


We manage your VPS

Management, protection (firewalls, etc.), maintenance, updates... We take care of all these tasks so that you can enjoy your VPS without having to worry about anything.

24/7 support provided by experts

At any time of the day, you will directly have an expert on the line, who will help you with structural solutions.

Data centre

Your data are stored securely in our best data centres, protected against spies.

A backup is always available

Every day, we make a full backup of your VPS. This way, in the event of problems, you can keep working using the latest working version.

Why choose a VPS SSD?

A VPS server is a physical server hosted in a data centre, which is split into multiple smaller virtual servers.
This way, you can have a powerful platform to host multiple projects on it.

A VPS is the perfect compromise between a web hosting plan, a dedicated server and a public cloud instance.
The VPS SSD range lets you manage your web projects in a server environment that you control in complete autonomy.

We've not sacrificed the service quality in any way, shape or form. Performance has improved by a minimum of 57% compared to our VPS Classic range.
SSDs are now an integral part of our models, which you can still get at very low prices.

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