GPU Servers Dedicated Plan

Graphics processor configurations for computationally intensive processes.
Thanks to their enormous computing power, GPU servers are optimally suited for the simultaneous processing of multiple tasks.

100% secure in a super fast network

Smooth operation guaranteed thanks to OpenBinacle Cloud network

100% secure in a super fast network

All the dedicated servers are hosted in our data centres with guaranteed power supply, air conditioning and fire detection systems. This way, your server is always up & running. Besides, closed circuit video surveillance and 24/7 security is provided by a security company, which guarantees optimum safety for your data.

Excellent SLAs

Thanks to the unique Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that come with our dedicated servers, you know exactly what you can expect from OpenBinacle Cloud. In such a service supply agreement, you can e.g. choose to manage your server in part by yourself, or leave this task entirely to our specialists.

No investment in hardware and software

With OpenBinacle Cloud, you can rent both hardware and software for your dedicated server during an agreed upon period at a predetermined rental price. This way, you can save a lot of money, time, space and efforts..

Free 24/7 support

Depending on your chosen service level agreement (SLA), you can contact our qualified support team 24/7.

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